Who is Glibatree?

YouTube’s Favorite Prompt Engineer!

Glibatree is a creator who makes videos surrounding the landscape of AI Experiences. He has a top-performing GPT, and is working on a project that leverages Generative AI to lower barriers to education.

Custom GPT Uses

With more nearly 50 videos published, Glibatree’s audience loves his detailed approach to explaining AI Art, the tools involved, and the approaches used. On the channel he discusses Midjourney, DALLE, ChatGPT, DodecaLearn, and anything that catches his fancy in the landscape of AI experiences.

With his Mom, Glibatree is building a Web App that is intended to leverage AI to create empowering lessons and interactive learning experiences. The thing that sets DodecaLearn apart from other AI tools the reliability and the quality of the generated information. The app is still in Early Access but a free preview is public and available.

Glibatree has one of the top GPTs on the Custom GPT Store, called the Glibatree Art Designer. It turns any idea into as many as twenty creative images with a single message to the GPT. Four of the images come from DALLE 3, and – if you run the generated Midjourney Commands – the other 16 will come from Midjourney. The results can be absolutely fantastic!

AI Art, by Glibatree

Make your own Art just like this!

Glibatree has some the best tutorials on YouTube showing you how to use Midjourney, ChatGPT, and DALLE to make beautiful images that will empower your AI Art journey.

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