What is DodecaLearn?

The web app my Mom and I made is becoming one of the most inspiring ways to learn anything.

Everyone we talk to can remember sitting in class, confused, but afraid to ask the questions that come to mind. Whether you are falling behind or simply a curious learner, engaging with a classroom dynamic can be fraught with judgement, guilt, and fear. No matter whether you are getting good or bad grades, school is universally a traumatic experience and it will take massive overhauls to fix that. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.

The latest AI Technologies are proving that Large Language Models are an effective way to interface with the collective knowledge of humanity. Accuracy, clarity, and breadth have been improving at an alarming pace. With our refined prompt engineering, every student can have a teacher that is tailored to their needs, attentive, and infinitely knowledgeable. By building this mind-bending technology into a cohesive learning environment, we believe that everyone can enjoy learning and acquire the skills they need to succeed. Developed by teachers, powered by AI, and delivered with love – we aim to provide everyone with the material they want presented by a teacher that inspires them. Learning should be engaging. Learning should be fun. Most importantly, learning should be safe. That’s what DodecaLearn is for.

Early Access is Open

All signed-in users can access the first chapter of any course on the site. Available now!

Meet the Team

Glibatree and his Mom have been building DodecaLearn together. Their story will help you understand the purpose and spirit behind the project.

View the Best Generated Courses

We’ve created some curated class summaries so that you can explore some of the material before signing up for the app. Click on highlights to see what is available. More is coming soon.

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