Mysteries of Mushrooms and Fungi

Fungi are our world’s decomposers. They belong to their own kingdom and they are a critical component the helps all life on our planet thrive.

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Highlights from the course: Mysteries of Mushrooms and Fungi

Did you know that a mushroom is the fruiting body of fungi? Fungi is made up of thread-like structures that form into a network, and when it is ready to reproduce, it creates a fruiting body that we call a mushroom. To learn more, check out the lesson: A Cycle Unlike Any Other: The Life Cycle of Mushrooms and Fungi

Don’t be fooled into believing that you can eat a mushroom without negative consequences, even if it looks similar to the mushrooms you see in the grocery store. Eating wild mushrooms without careful skill and study could kill you. To learn more, check out the lesson: The Edible and the Poisonous: Identifying Safe and Dangerous Mushrooms

Did you know that Penicillin comes from the Penicillium fungi? The building blocks of many fungi are made up of substances that have health promoting and healing effects on humans, and are the basis of the compounds that are used in many of the drugs that are produced. To learn more, check out the lesson: The Healing Power of Fungi: Medicinal Mushrooms and Their Benefits

Just like the organisms in our gut help us to obtain the nutrients we needs from food, fungi play a part in breaking down larger substances and providing nutrients to trees and even among trees. To learn more, check out the lesson: The Forest Facilitators: Role of Fungi in Woodland Ecosystems

Fungi also exist in freshwater and although their ability to decompose organic matter is well understood, we are starting to learn about many other functions that seem critical to maintaining a healthy aqua-ecosystem. Lichen is actually a teamwork venture among fungi and algae. To learn more, check out the lesson: The Aquatic Architects: Fungi’s Impact in Freshwater Ecosystems

Fungi research is an active and fruitful arena ripe for important discoveries. What role does fungi play in climate regulation? The frontier of new species continues to expand as we learn more. Interested in finding out about the newest research, check out the lesson: The Fungal Frontier: Ongoing Research and Discoveries in Fungal Ecology.

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